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Creating a roar in the Reggae and Roots realm with his originality, flair, and distinguished
style, Ras Kronik is on the route to success. With aims to become the greatest Reggae
stalwart of today, the multi-genre artist continues to embrace positivity and draw inspiration
from the works of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Maxi Priest and Buju Banton.

Enter the world of Roots and spiritual Reggae music embodied by Ras Kronik, a highly prolific underground reggae artist of today. Born in Jamaica and based in Las Vegas, the versatile musician champions the search of spiritual solace, offering poignant lyricism that cuts deep through each listener.

Melding the striking vibrations of the bass guitars with the rhythmic pulse of the bass drums, bongos, snare drums, and hi-hats, Ras Kronik presents a harmonious blend which pays
testament to his experience of over two decades.

The artist’s track "Spiritual Warfare" fearlessly addresses systemic racism, corrupt governments, and political dishonesty, linking these systemic flaws to the oppressor's spiritual mindset and highlighting the profound impact of these actions on the oppressed. Similarly, "Ghetto Life" chronicles the daily struggles of residing in poverty-stricken neighborhoods rife with violence, greed, and corruption.

Ras Kronik's music always embodies hope, reminding listeners that there is always a way out, a solution, and the possibility of peace and tranquility. His artistry extends beyond a single genre and he is of course, a true ladies man. In "Tell Her" (featuring Poem), he expresses his admiration for beautiful and alluring women with lyrics that exhibit his maturity and exemplify the type of man desired by women.


While his mellow voice sets the tone, the melodic instrumentation supports his every word.
Ras Kronik's musical journey includes performances alongside legendary reggae groups such as "Third World" ("Degrees in the Shade" "Now That We Found Love"), & "Cocoa Tee",
("Rockers Island"), "The Mighty Diamonds" ("Right Time"), and "The Meditations" (Jah Always Finds A Way).


Reflecting on his cherished memory of opening for reggae icon "King Yellow Man" in Las Vegas, his musical ambition propels him to be counted among the greatest artists of his


Check out Ras Kronik's singles, “The Energy” “Lockdown” “Stick Around” and the track“ Jah Jah Light.”  His life is an open book; he sings what he has lived, and he writes what he knows. When struggles transform into songs, hardships become chart-topping hits. Ras Kronik's talent has been recognized with two Akademia awards for Best Reggae Song and an Executive award and a nomination by Las Vegas, Nevada chapter of the Black Music
Association Academy of America. Nevertheless, for this phenomenal artist, these accolades
are just the start of something great!

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