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Welcome to the Ras Kronik page of spiritual reggae music, and one of the most well renowned underground reggae artist to date.

Born in Jamaica and native to Las Vegas, his music touches deep into the hearts of those seeking spiritual comfort with words that resonate with whatever challenges we face as an oppressed people. 

Combine that with the soothing echoes of bass guitars, the tempo function of Bass Drums, bongos,  snare drums, hi-hats, as well as a host of other instruments, and you have  a well-rounded, well-grounded mix of the most intriguing, and rhythm influenced collection of reggae sounds which clearly diversifies his talents that distinguish his music from his peers. 

0ver 20 years in the music industry has not discouraged his resilience to remain relevant while standing on values that keep him grounded when addressing social issues plaguing our communities that most major artists ignore just to be famous.


On a track entitled “Spiritual Warfare, he sings about systemic racism, corrupt governments, and political dishonesty, and points these systemic faults to the spiritual thought processes of the oppressor, as well as the heartfelt impact these actions have on the oppressed as a result of these thoughts.

He speaks of a war we’ve been fighting since the beginning of time that transcends, guns, bombs, money, or political power. 

On a track entitled “Ghetto Life”, he chronicles the everyday struggles of living in a neighborhood stricken with poverty, violence, greed and corruption. 

Despite his interpreting the conditions by which most of the oppressed are privy to, his music foresees hope that there is always a way out, there is always a solution, and there is always peace and tranquility. But don’t count him out as being a one genre artist either, he is a true ladies man to boot. On a track entitled “Tell Her” (featuring Poem), he expresses his admiration for beautiful, sexy women along  with classy lyrics that distinguish his maturity as the type of man that women desire to have in their company.

While his mellow voice does the talking, the rhythm filled, slow tempo instruments back his every word. 

The perfect track to balance out the everyday hardships of “Ghetto Life” and a little chronic won’t hurt either, no pun intended. His musical resume dates back to performances with legendary reggae group “Third World”(Degrees In The Shade),(Now That We Found Love), “Cocoa Tee”(Rikers Island),“The Mighty Diamonds” (Right Time),  and “The Meditations”(Jah Always Finds A Way).

While reminiscing over his favorite moment as opening artist for reggae legend “King Yellow Man” (Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt), in Las Vegas, his musical ambition fuels his desire to become the  artist fit to be amongst the greatest artists  of his time.

Check out Ras Kronik’s current new singles, “Lockdown”, as well as his most recent  track entitled “ You “Got Me” (featuring Angela Kronillis), as well as a  host of new  tracks for your spiritual enjoyment scheduled for release this year.

Available on Sound cloud, ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, as well as participating music streaming platforms.


This is the life of Ras Kronik. He sings what he’s lived. He writes what he knows, so when struggles become songs, then hardships become hits. 

Enjoy your journey into the page of prosperity.


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